Chris Huston

Chris Huston was a Record Producer and Recording Engineer for many years, and was fortunate enough to be a part of many hit recordings during the 1960s through 1980s.  In a parallel career, he has designed major Recording Studios/Facilities and Home Studios for artists and record companies as well as Home Theaters and Listening Rooms for Audiophiles.  His work has taken him all over the world.  His expertise in the science of Acoustic Engineering and studio design is well known and respected  throughout the music industry.

While striving to make sure that our rooms are designed to produce the best possible  sonic performance for the spaces we are given to design in, we also try to incorporate ergonomic elements into the design that are focused on comfort, functionality and efficiency. We can interface with a client's architect and/or interior designer to further these goals, if this is required.

OUR Philosophy

We are dedicated to creating the very best acoustical  and  musical environments for our clients, whether they be  Recording Studios, Home Theaters or Two Channel Listening Rooms.